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Canadian Author Shantelle Bisson Launches A New Book

Canadian best-selling author Shantelle Bisson was born and raised in Toronto and splits her time between Toronto, sunny Los Angeles, and her marina that she purchased in 2018, Shantilly’s Place, in the Kawartha region of Ontario. Having just launched her third book ‘Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool’ which is structured by Shantelle’s own personal omissions, she lays herself bare, taking readers on a personal journey to exercise their demons. Shantelle teaches readers how to analyze the lessons learned in each phase of your life; going back to your past and addressing the things that made you who you are, and approaching letting go of tough life experiences. Here’s our chat with Shantelle. Spoiler alert: the book ends with you loving yourself more than you thought you could.

Can you tell us a bit about your new book? Why did you decide to write it?

My most recent book, Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool is all about how we as individuals have all we need within ourselves to move through our pain/trauma or life circumstances to build the lives we desire for ourselves.  It’s to encourage, and inspire others to let go of their pasts and bring themselves wholly into their present.  I wrote it to motivate anybody who is stuck, or allowing the stories inside their heads to keep them playing small in their one life.  And also to give them tools to enable them to release all of the shit that is holding them back, and step into being present and participating in their own lives.

How is this different from your last two books?

This book is completely different from my first two books in the series of my living life Without Losing Your Cool (WLYC) brand, because this one focuses on healing yourself, working on yourself, loving yourself enough to feel and be the best you can be during this messy, beautiful thing called life.  My other two books were focused on how to imperfectly parent to the best of your abilities during the tough times.

Why is it so important to analyze hardships and lessons in life?

 I believe that we need to look at the hardships, difficulties, and lessons that are presented to us in our lives so that we can ensure we don’t cause other people we are in relationships with to suffer in the same way.  Often, abuse that goes unchecked becomes generational trauma that unhealed people subconsciously, or consciously put on their partners, their children, their friends. The other reason is because we were born perfect, brilliant and blessed, and we lose that along the way due to the things some of us suffer along the way. This pain, this trauma causes us to shrink back and stop believing in our own awesomeness. It is my hope that by my sharing about my own pain and healing I will inspire so many others to do the hard work to get back to their original state of pure perfection.

Can you provide tips to our readers on how to love yourself, without losing your cool?

Some of the things I do to love myself without losing my cool is to ensure I do one thing every single day that is just for me.  Some days that might be a walk in nature, other days it may be taking myself to a movie, it might be sleeping in, or giving myself time to do nothing.  We all have different needs, and different things that feel like love to us. I encourage every single person reading this article and my book to spend quiet time reflecting on what feels like love to you, and then do more of that.  Actually do LOTS OF THAT.

Why is journaling an important piece of this process?

Journaling is such an important part of the healing/letting go process because it causes you to literally spell out what you’re letting go of, or what your pain feels like.  Where it lives inside of you, how it blocks you.  When we make the physical connection (the writing out) to the emotional issues we’re hiding from it allows it to come out of you and onto the page, and when we read it back to ourselves we bring it out from the dark corners of our spirit into the light, allowing it to have the space to be released into.  For me I liken it to the caterpillar that curls into the cocoon; it’s dark and cramped in there, but when the cocoon breaks open, there is a beautiful butterfly ready to feel the warmth on her wings and to soar into her new bright life.  Journaling is that growth piece that brings you out of the darkness.  

What can our readers expect next from you?

My readers can expect daily Love Notes to help their new self love healing journey really sink in and take hold, so that they can blossom in all the ways they’ve always dreamed of.  And maybe, just maybe, a book about Being in a Relationship Without Losing Your Cool.

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