5 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Tips from Dogtopia Canada

When it comes to love, dogs are experts at showing how much they care. From big kisses and extra cuddles to making direct eye contact, they’re never short of affection. But do you know how to tell your dog you love them? Oftentimes we express our love as we would to another human, but that doesn’t always resonate with your pup. Learn how you can say “I love you” in your dog’s language and give their heart a little pitter patter.

Loving Gaze

Eye contact is a critical way for a dog to communicate with their pet parent. Let’s be real, you know when your dog gives you “that look” and when they’re telling you something specific. The same can be said for engaging your pup in a long, loving gaze. Add in some sweet talk and their hearts will be melting. Just be careful not to get in a stare down for too long because then they’ll think they’re in trouble!

A Touch of Love

The simple act of physical touch can flood your dog with oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. Take the time to give them a gentle massage, scratch their belly, brush their fur or rub their ears, the sweet spot for any dog. A smile is guaranteed when they can literally feel the love flowing from you. While some dogs might enjoy cuddling, others might feel trapped, so be sure to read your dog’s body language to avoid ruining the moment.

Good Listening

Your dog can often give you an earful with their barking! But it’s for good reason. They’re just telling you about their day and maybe giving you their opinion, too. Research has shown that dogs raise their eyebrows when listening, so try raising yours and see how they react. When you show them that what they’re saying matters, they’ll wag their tail, maintain eye contact and twist their head from side to side.

Positive Reinforcement

Not only do dogs love to learn, but they thrive on the structure that comes from teaching them good behavior. As part of training, motivate their good behavior with food and play. Your pup will learn that his or her hard work makes you happy therefore making the dog happy in return. Not only are you teaching them to be a good canine citizen, but you’re strengthening your bond.

The Most Exciting Day Ever!

Give your dog a little more socialization and playtime with other dogs! Drop them off for a day full of new smells, playing and learning with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and favourite Canine Coaches. Not only will you be helping them build their confidence by being around other dogs and humans, you’re also giving your dog the chance to learn and reinforce positive behaviour so there is less doggie mischief at home. You can sneak a peek at the fun by viewing Dogtopia’s live webcams available on our mobile app or website. Show them a little extra love and schedule dog daycare at your local Dogtopia.

The Dogtopia Foundation Canada supports 3 different causes: Providing service dogs to Canadian Service Members, funding youth literacy programs, and supporting employment initiatives for adults with Autism. ⁠Back in 2022, the team at Dogtopia Meadowvale raised enough funds to sponsor a puppy named Shiny in collaboration with the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS).

Although Shiny did not end up passing her evaluation to become a service dog, she has recently been adopted by a wonderful family in the PADS community and is already loving her forever home.

To learn more about the Dogtopia Foundation Canada and the three worthy causes we support, click here.

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