Canine cough is on the rise

Keep your dogs safe this cold and flu season

Experts are committed to monitoring and reporting on any major illnesses impacting the dogs in our community. As a result, canine cough cases have been noted to be on the rise and we wanted to let you know how this could impact your pup. Canine cough is contagious therefore, a friendly reminder that if your dog is showing symptoms of canine cough, please do not bring your dog for daycare. The main symptom is a honk-like cough. As well, be sure to keep your dog’s Bordetella vaccine up to date.

In normal cases, canine cough is not something to be concerned with. Just like a common cold in people, canine cough will cycle through. However, it is always important to watch for worsening symptoms, lack of hydration and loss of appetite – especially in flat-faced dogs like pugs and bulldogs. See your vet if symptoms get worse.

It’s important to select a pet daycare that follow strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols in addition to checking all dogs during drop-off for symptoms. See below for some FAQs and information about causes and prevention.

Your Dogtopia Family.

An ounce of prevention...

Dogtopia requires all dogs to be vaccinated for Bordetella, however vaccines do not protect against all strains. Just like kids, make sure to socialize your pup to help build their immune system. As this is an airborne virus, keep in mind your pup might be exposed to it on your regular walks, visit to the vet or at the local pet store.

To help prevent your dog from being infected with kennel cough, there are several precautions you can take such as:

  • Wash your hands if in contact with a new dog.
  • Limit interaction with unknown vaccinated dogs.

If you have any questions please contact your Veterinarian or your Dogtopia Team.

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