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HomeExchange Collection, the exclusive home exchange community from the global leader in home exchange vacations, HomeExchange, now offers members instant access to over 4,000 luxury homes in over 70 countries worldwide. Through a new search filter available on the HomeExchange Collection platform, members can elect to only see the most luxurious home exchange possibilities worldwide. With the introduction of this new search capability, HomeExchange Collection improves the member experience by simplifying the process of searching globally while expanding the total number of travel opportunities that align with the Collection members’ personal offerings. Each home has been evaluated by the Collection team using rigorous criteria of luxury design, amenities, and location. Notable artworks; luxe recreational offerings like a private pool, boat, tennis courts; technology; wellness features; personal services; and family-friendly amenities are also considered. Offerings range from penthouses in global cities and centuries-old villas and castles among fig and olive groves to wilderness retreats surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and even luxury yachts in the Arabian Sea. Locations span Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

HomeExchange Collection was created for like-minded travelers to meet, share, and exchange their luxury homes. One of the real luxuries for members of the exclusive community is the possibility to feel at home anywhere in the world in luxury homes with character. The other is the possibility to uncover unique local cultures and customs from host members who offer unparalleled pre-arrival advice for memorable moments and authentic travel experiences. An annual membership gives members unlimited access to the platform and its properties, as well as assistance in finding and finalizing exchanges, personalized Member Support from a dedicated team, guarantees in case of accidental damage or cancellation, among other added benefits.

More information on the HomeExchange Collection membership can be found on

About HomeExchange Collection

HomeExchange Collection is an exclusive community for likeminded travelers to meet, share and exchange their luxury homes. Members have access to more than 4,000 luxury homes in over 70 countries across the world and enjoy the luxury of feeling at home anywhere in the world, guided by their host’s advice and locally curated travel recommendations. HomeExchange Collection was developed by HomeExchange, the world leader in home exchange. More information on the application-based membership can be found on

About HomeExchange

HomeExchange is the global leader in home exchange vacations, offering authentic, sustainable and affordable vacation opportunities for everyone. With over 100,000 members across 133 countries, HomeExchange makes last-minute vacations on a budget possible with a nominal annual membership fee, no hidden costs or cancellation fees and 24/7 assistance. With teams in Paris, France, Zagreb, Croatia and Cambridge, Massachusetts, travelers can browse their entire collection of homes and schedule their home exchange at

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