Say goodbye to conventional and embrace the extraordinary with Liebherr brought to you by Euroline Appliances

Now there’s a clear view of everything. The transparent OpenStage drawers set new standards in ease of use and design. Inspired by display cases in fine delicatessens, the OpenStage concept showcases all your food at a glance. The drawers are reminiscent of market displays and present the complete contents of the fridge in a perfectly clear and ergonomically ideal way.

Accessibility, at a glance.

You can store a large number of drinks in the practical drawers and remove them easily. The different heights make it easy to store food of different sizes. High-quality railings ensure stability for your bottles in the bottom OpenStage drawer. Closing the drawers could not be more convenient, thanks to the gentle self-closing mechanism.

OpenStage drawers showcase all your food items instantly.

The captivating design has a full stainless steel panel on the rear wall and in the interior door as well as a fan with discreet ambient lighting. Thanks to the glass drawers you can have everything perfectly displayed.

Interactive Glass Drawer Display

OpenStage showcases the items in your refrigerator in beautiful metal trim and shatter-resistant glass drawer. The soft-telescopic replaces traditional shelving allowing full access to every item at every level. In the bottom, practical dividers ensure bottles are held securely in place.


Leveraging Liebherr’s state-of-the-art cooling system. OpenStage ensure optimum freshness and preservation of food. The precision cooling technology minimizes temperature fluctuations, while the BioFresh compartments mantain ideal humidity levels, extending the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products.

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