Spine Health

By: Nicole Rossi

Body work is nothing new but the term is being used more regularly as it grows in popularity amongst the general public. Not only reserved for athletes and sports stars, regular body work like massages, stretching, and physiotherapeutic style exercises can make all the difference in your health. Getting to the root of the issue that is probably not actually located anywhere near the source of pain or problem.

With various practitioners out there it can be a bit of a mind field to navigate which type of session is best to improve your given issue. From mobility and pain relief, to skeletal alignment and fascia massage, acupuncture, yoga and ice baths – there are a lot of options out there. But like with most things, there is an at home solution for self – massage, if you are looking to assist with pain relief, general stretching and overall wellness.

Mac Mollohan created PSO-Rite for exactly this reason. He developed his self-massage tool to help alleviate pain. As a personal trainer he helped clients and top athletes with one on one sessions , but couldn’t reach the number of people he wanted to help in regards to pain management and improved performance. His technology mimics the hand and elbow of a massage therapist, making it more effective than other options on the market. It can press much deeper than a foam roller or the humble tennis ball. With sitting at computers all day, stuck in traffic or sleeping awkwardly we put our buddies in uncomfortable positions, forgetting the importance of a healthy spine and strong core.

We asked Mac for his top five tips to care for your spine, back, and neck and what you can do daily from the comfort of your own home.

1). Drink water

Drinking enough quality water will help keep your joints lubricated. Add in fruits (lemon, raspberry, strawberries, orange cucumber etc.) to help with the flavor. A great rule of thumb to ensure you are getting enough water is whatever your weight is, divide that by 2 and drink that in ounces. 

2). Light movement as soon as you get up

In the morning do a light massage and light movement. Do slow full neck circles, and look left, right, up, and look down. Massage the spots that feel tight. Slowly move your back in different directions and clean up any stiffness you built up while sleeping. Start the day Pso-Rite. 

3). Posture

During the day be mindful of your posture. Practice keeping your abs tight. This will help support your lower back and brace your ribs making it easier to keep your chest up preventing slouching. When you don’t brace your abs you put all the work on your back to hold yourself upright. Over time your back muscles will fatigue and you will slouch. 

4). Exercise

Focus on the full range of motion. Learn about your weak areas and how to train them to set yourself up for success and make your daily activities easier. Deadlifts, squats, row, and twisting movements. 

5). Evening Massage/Stretch

I naturally use my Pso-Rite tools daily and love to end the day with a nice deep tissue massage and light stretch. It’s important to do this at the end of the day because stress will build up from all the meetings, traffic, deadlines, and all of this will cause injuries sooner than later.  Both of these will help you wind down from your day and have a better night’s sleep. 

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