The Galley Change The Way Your Kitchen Works

Step into your kitchen and imagine a space that’s not just functional but makes the whole kitchen experience more efficient, enjoyable, and fun. Picture a culinary wonderland where you can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and clean – all in one central and convenient place. Sound too good to be true? Meet The Galley, a complete culinary system that’s about to change the way your kitchen works.

The Galley was invented in 2011 by an award-winning kitchen designer who developed the system for his own home kitchen. Visitors took notice wanting one for themselves, and now, the designer’s vision for a better way to work within the kitchen is an expansive line of functional smart and stylish workstations.

About The Galley System

Everything happens right within the Galley system making preparing easier and more efficient – because eating shouldn’t be the only pleasurable part of homemade meals, preparing one should be enjoyable, too.

The Galley kitchen is a classic kitchen layout that is versatile, durable, simple, and about as ergonomically correct as you can get. Key services are clustered around each other, allowing you to reach everything you need easily, without unnecessary movement around the kitchen.

This Galley- style kitchen is a functional and contemporary design and the choice of many chefs. Slide the Galley Culinary Tools above and below each other to prepare a meal efficiently. Invite others to join in on the fun and work side-by-side at a two or three-person Workstation. Stay engaged and enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends around the Galley all while eliminating time-consuming clean-up by preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining right within the Workstation.

The Galley – Tailor Made

When it comes to your home, every room should be built to suit your needs, lifestyle, tastes, and personality. The kitchen is the heart of a home, and its design should be welcoming and function, making it easy for daily use. The Galley offers the ability to create and customize your very own Workstation or Washstation, Apron Front, custom lengths, integrated Galleys with stainless steel Worktops, ADA, you name it, the Galley can do it!

Features of the Galley System

A defining feature, the striking beauty of the Galley’s faucet – The Galley Tap, is perfectly proportioned, ergonomically designed, and engineered with dimensions that are specifically suited for the Galley Workstation. The Galley Tap, along with the ideal Bar Tap and ideal Hot & Cold Tap, are perfectly proportioned, functional, and beautiful. The Soap Dispenser and Deck Switch are the perfect companions to the Tap and Workstation.

In your Galley, you can chop, strain, and mix easily and ergonomically to prepare a meal and

efficiently transition to cooking with a cooktop nearby. Using various Serving Boards, quickly and conveniently transform your prepare and cook station into a service station or set out drinks and hors d’oeuvres to create an ideal entertainment station. Contain the mess within your Galley and clean throughout preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining.

Clean-up is easy too when you add The Galley WashStationTM. All preparation, cooking, serving and entertaining happens at the Workstation and cleaning happens at the WashStation. Want to get the most of your kitchen? Consider a Workstation and WashStation combo. A thin stainless-steel partition raises only to the lower tier allowing Cutting Boards and Drying Racks the freedom to slide all the way across both basins on the Lower Tier – also great for Kosher Cooking.

Whatever your vision, The Galley’s innovative and thoughtfully designed systems will change the way your kitchen works, making it a place you, your friends, family, and guests love to be.

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