The New SickKids Hospital is working towards completion by 2033

Custom Home Builder joins forces with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey to support the cause

SickKids is building a new home. The new hospital will not only transform how they deliver care by enabling their staff to do their best work, but every aspect of the new clinical campus will be designed to better serve patients and families.

Rooms will be bigger, brighter, and offer more privacy and comforts. Technology will be woven into all aspects of care: hospital-wide electronic records, portable equipment that comes to the bedside, modular rooms that can convert to any kind of clinic: orthopaedic one day, diabetes the next. The keyword is adaptable. They’re building a hospital for the next 70 years.

A total redevelopment of the current campus will include one net new building, The Patient Support Centre, which will house the administrative and educational/training functions (that is almost ready to be topped off!), and a significant expansion to The Peter Gilgan Family Patient Care Tower, where a portion of the hospital currently resides which houses clinical functions, learning, and research.

Canadian businesses like Alair, best known for building and renovating custom homes across North America through its 93 independently owned offices, recently announced their plans to help build the new SickKids hospital through a pledge to donate $100,000 to SickKids Foundation over the next five years.

All 60 of Alair’s Canadian locations are uniting to support the “#AlairVSMissing Home” campaign, helping to achieve the goal through various community and industry events being held across the country.


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The Alair Ontario team is launching these efforts through an official partnership with Canadian TV host, media personality and SickKids supporter, Cheryl Hickey. Alair and Cheryl Hickey have been filming a digital docuseries featuring the design, planning and total transformation of her family home in Toronto, as they also raise awareness and funds towards an organization, which they both care deeply about.

Alair takes great pride in being community builders, and has supported hundreds of local and community “Alair Cares” initiatives over the last 15 years. However, this is the first Canada-wide initiative that all Canadian partners have collectively come together to Support.


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“A leader in building custom homes, Alair knows the importance of creating spaces that not only meet the needs of families today, but also tomorrow,” said Seanna Millar, senior vice president, corporate and community partnerships, SickKids Foundation. “We are thrilled to partner with Alair over the next five years to help us build a new home for SickKids, where the spaces in which our patients receive their care will match the quality of services the hospital provides.”

“Through ongoing innovative campaigns that Cheryl Hickey regularly supports, we’ve learned more about what SickKids does and will be able to do with a new hospital – it was an obvious fit to our 60 offices across Canada that this was something significant we wanted to come together to support,” said Justin Thompson, regional partner, Alair Ontario. “We also discovered a number of people on our team across Canada had first-hand experiences with a loved one being cared for at SickKids, so it is especially meaningful for all of us to be part of this once-in-a-generation opportunity to join the fight to help build this hospital, and invest in a world-class institution serving not only Canadian children and their families, but families around the world.”

The collaboration between Alair and Cheryl Hickey will specifically provide community engagement to further share the great work SickKids does, as well as raise funds when they co-host a renovation grand finale event and project reveal in the fall of 2022.

“We are so grateful for this innovative collaboration with Cheryl and the introduction to SickKids. What started out to be another day at the office for us with a large renovation brought us to one of the most significant builds we could ever be part of,” said Thompson.

Learn more about Alair’s pledge to support SickKids through the Alair Cares x Cheryl Hickey collaboration, or donate to the cause here.

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