The Power of Self-Awareness in Relationships

By: Chantal Landreville, Certified Love & Relationship Coach and author of  Raise Your Love Signal: A Guide to Attracting and Keeping the Love of Your Life 

One of the things I pride myself on as a Love and relationship Coach is practicing what I teach. And one of these things is the art of self-awareness. Now, you might ask, what is self-awareness exactly?  Simple.  It’s getting to know yourself well. So well that you are in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and actions and understand how they affect you and those around you. When you have self-awareness, you realize who you are and why you are the way you are.  You know what makes you tick, what motivates or stimulates you, and what you want from the world around you. Through my self-awareness practice over the years, I’ve come to realize its incredible power to help us cultivate and maintain healthy relationships. It’s been a significant game-changer for me. Here’s why: the more you know who you are and why you are the way you are, the more clarity and understanding you gain to show you the way to genuine connections and healthy, lasting love.

At the core of it, it’s basically communication. The more you know yourself, the better your foundation for effective communication will be. When we are attuned to our own thoughts, feelings, and needs, we can articulate them with clarity and confidence, making room for an open dialogue with our partners. By expressing ourselves authentically, we create a space where both parties feel heard, valued, and respected, laying the groundwork for deeper intimacy and connection.  Moreover, self-awareness empowers us to identify and assert our boundaries, which are critical pillars of any healthy relationship. Looking inside, we understand our limits and what’s important to us. This helps us speak up about them confidently without feeling like we need to say sorry. When we set and stick to our boundaries, we show ourselves some love and create a vibe of respect in our relationships. This makes it easier for both partners to be genuine and honest with each other. But being self-aware goes way beyond communication and boundaries; it influences every aspect of our interactions and gives us the tools to handle conflict or distress.  When we get why we react the way we do in certain situations, we can handle them better, without blowing up or making things worse. We can detach from blaming our partners by understanding our own triggers and responses. This lets us take responsibility for our emotions and actions, creating a vibe of understanding and support in the relationship. Instead of pointing fingers, we approach conflicts with a calm and open mind, which helps us resolve issues more effectively and strengthens our bond. It’s all about being kind to ourselves and our partners, making our relationships stronger and happier.

Also, self-awareness helps us determine what we truly need and want. It sheds light on the reasons behind our actions and requests. When we understand why we’re asking for certain things from our partners, we can discuss it better and work together to make things great for us. Instead of expecting our partners to know what we’re thinking magically, self-awareness lets us clearly spell it out so we can be a team.

The bottom line is that self-awareness is like the secret sauce for amazing relationships. It helps us communicate, set boundaries, and handle challenges like pros. By looking inside ourselves and understanding our needs, we strengthen and improve our relationships. Isn’t that what we all strive for? Give yourself the best gift, the power of self-awareness, and watch your relationships upgrade like you never thought possible!


Chantal Landreville is an author and a Toronto-based certified Love and Relationship Coach with over two decades of experience in personal growth and human connection. Her mission is to help individuals discover the path to authentic and lasting love, and she is dedicated to empowering her readers with the knowledge and tools needed to create healthy, fulfilling relationships. Chantal’s work emphasizes personal development, self-acceptance, and effective communication. She advocates love as a transformative force in people’s lives. | IG: @chantal.landreville

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