Thinking about Botox? Dr. Bailey tells us what you need to know!

With #botox on the rise, it’s hard to know where to go, how much to pay and when someone should start getting botox with all the mis-information out there.

Nowadays botox is a regular topic amongst friends and colleagues. No longer are people hiding whether or not they’ve gotten botox before but instead they rave about where they are going for botox and their favourite dermatologist or esthetician. Influencers are also being approached by various clinics to post content about their services giving reviews to their audience in exchange for creating content about the service.

So how can you determine when the right time to get botox is, who to go to and how much to pay? Dr. Bailey, a Double-board certified Dermatologist and founder of FCP Dermatology, who is also known as “the fixer” of botox gone wrong, is here to answer our top questions on all things botox!

What is the most important red flag people can look for when selecting a clinic or botox provider?

The most important red flag to look out for is, is the botox provider a Board-Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon actually doing the injections? If not, this is a red flag as it should always be one of these two actually doing the injections, as nurses or aestheticians have not gone through years of training to perform this service. Having botox injected by anyone less qualified or educated can result in serious injuries or unwanted results that will cost more money to fix in the long run. 

What are good things to look for when selecting a clinic or botox provider?

Look for a clinic where the Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon is the one actually doing the injections. Make sure the physician does botox and filler all day, everyday. You don’t want a Dermatologist that does cosmetics as a side hobby one day a week or less.

What is your top tip for first time botox users?

Research, research, research! Do extensive research on the clinic, the injector and book a consultation. It’s your face, so focus less on the cost from clinic to clinic and more on the experience and qualifications of the injector.

How often should I get botox?

Following your first treatment, every 3-4 months for general upkeep.

Pricing for botox seems to be all over the place, how can I know what a fair price is?

Be weary of prices per unit as botox should be priced based on the result. The number of units really doesn’t matter and is different in every single person based on the strength of their muscles. There are different ways of calculating units as well. A clinic could tell you that you had 90 units based on one scale but it equates to 30 units on another scale. Therefore the number of units should not be used to price Botox. It is the result that matters so definitely be weary of the clinics that advertise prices per unit. 

I tried Botox and it’s not the result I wanted, how can I fix this?

The good news is that Botox will wear off in 3-4 months. Unfortunately if you go to an inexperienced injector the results you are seeking might not be obtained and there is nothing you can do about it until the Botox wears off. We often see patients who come to FCP Dermatology from other clinics with uneven eyebrows, dropped eyebrows, a “shelf” appearance on the cheeks, or an eye that doesn’t move properly. There are tiny improvements that we can make to help the appearance but ultimately the Botox has to wear off on its own. That’s why everyone needs to do their research and only trust a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon injector. At the end of the day, you will likely pay a bit more for a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon injector but it’s worth it to lower your risk of complications.

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