Four Skincare Steps To Banish Acne, From An Expert

Generations ago, the average skincare routine was just cold cream and a rag, doing double-duty to cleanse and moisturize the skin. In the 90s, a three-step acne infomercial dominated our TV screens and bathroom counters. Today, it’s common to find upwards of 11 steps in a daily ritual: layering toners, serums, essences, and countless treatments.

But when it comes to skincare routines, is bigger always better? In part two of the acne series, we sat down with Meg Gaic, holistic acne specialist and founder of Get Glow, for her advice on building a tailored acne-friendly skincare routine this summer.

Step One: Cleansers

Look for a gel cleanser designed for oily skin; bonus points if it has salicylic acid to clear away dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores. Avoid harsh scrubs on active breakouts which make matters worse with irritation and inflammation.

Pro tip: Try micellar water to remove makeup and SPF, then follow up with a gel cleanser for squeaky-clean skin.

Step Two: Treatments

Here’s where you’d include masks, toners, serums, essences, or any other treatment step. Not sure what active ingredients to look for? Check out Meg’s advice on decoding skincare ingredients here.

Pro tip: When layering multiple products, work from thinnest to thickest.

Step Three: Moisturizer

You may be tempted to skip this step, but even oily skin gets thirsty. Your skin’s moisture barrier is crucial for healthy skin functioning and acne treatments can be drying. A lightweight, oil-free gel moisturizer replenishes hydration without the grease.

Pro-tip: for extra hydration, add a hyaluronic acid serum on damp skin and seal it in with moisturizer.

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Step Four: Protect

Even a world-class manicure needs a top coat. SPF is vital for all skin types, tones, and conditions– without it, sun damage can cause fine lines, dark spots, and even skin cancer. Exfoliation and active ingredients make skin more vulnerable to damage and hyperpigmentation.

Choose a lightweight, oil-free formulation with SPF 30+. Powder formulas are great for reapplying over makeup.

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Pro tip: Never rely on your foundation’s SPF. Use the two finger rule to ensure you’re using enough SPF to properly protect your face, ears, and neck.

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