Imrun Texeira

Recipe Developer

With 15+ years of experience, Chef Imrun Texeira has worked in some of the  world’s best and most influential restaurants, including 3 Michelin Starred Noma in  Copenhagen. Most recently Imrun received the 2023 Leader Award of Excellence  from Restaurants Canada. This award recognizes that in the development and  progression of his career, he has set a new standard of excellence for his  leadership, creativity, and ambition. He was also awarded the 2023 Alumni of  Distinction Award for Apprentice of the Year by Algonquin College.

Chef Texeira has been named as a recipient of the Top 30- Under-30 Award for  hospitality leaders in Canada and as a rising talent in North America by The Art of  Plating. Imrun has starred on the Food Network’s Top Chef Canada Season 8 and  Chopped Canada Season 3.

Chef Imrun draws profound inspiration from his global travels, enriched by the  diverse tapestry of his origins in the world’s most multicultural nation. He artfully  presents the bounty of seasonal Canadian harvests, scrupulously curating  distinctive ingredients to craft his enchanting culinary masterpieces. In doing so, he  authentically captures and embodies the essence of the contemporary dining  landscape in Canada.

Texeira continues to contribute to the Canadian food scene by advocating for better  work conditions and mental health support for those in hospitality as the Chief  Ambassador for The Burnt Chef Project. He also shares his love and knowledge of  food by working with kids of all ages and teaching them about Hospitality &  Tourism Pathways.