Andrea Donsky

Health and Wellness Expert

Known as the “Menopause Educator and Researcher” to her 320,000+ TikTok followers, Andrea Donsky is a nutritionist on a mission to change the conversation around perimenopause and menopause.

An entrepreneur with nearly 24 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Andrea is a respected Multiple-Award-Winning Influencer, Media Personality, and Author.

Andrea hosts the weekly ‘Menopause Reimagined’ podcast, appears as a Menopause Expert on television across North America, and is the Co-creator of the “Power of Menopause” LIVE event.

As the CEO of Morphus, (which signifies ‘metamorphosis’ + ‘us’ as a community), Andrea helps women to “Reimagine Menopause” as a journey of empowerment so they feel heard, supported, and validated. Morphus empowers women to take control of their symptoms and health with nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, and research. To date, Morphus has published two white papers on perimenopause and menopause symptomatology, including one on the 103+ signs and symptoms and one on sleep.

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