Lisa Chang

Tech Contributor

Television personality Lisa Chang is quickly becoming a multimedia powerhouse and, as we like to call her, the “NEW I.T. girl” in town. Her story includes an award winning, 20+ year career in the consumer tech space working with some of the biggest electronics brands, followed by the last several years of working on mainstream television, on Canada’s largest national shows as a host and guest expert. In 2020, Lisa launched her entrepreneurial journey as a focused freelance media expert, using her big voice to educate, advocate, inspire and thought lead in the technology and STEM space.

She is also known for unapologetically sharing her varied life experiences including new motherhood, marriage, corporate working life in the tech field, being a woman of colour, and her own health and wellness journey. Lisa has found a dynamic way to connect and inspire her audience by always keeping life REAL AND RELATABLE.

At present, you can frequently see Lisa on major national and regional television shows including Cityline (Canada’s longest running daytime lifestyle show), Breakfast Television, and an array of local and national CTV shows across Canada, to name a few. This is where her deep knowledge of tech in various categories is put to use. As an “influ-expert,” Lisa’s additional credits include digital content creation, blog and article writing, hosting and keynote speaking.

Lisa is also heavily involved in the app development and business strategy behind livestream virtual shopping and events. She works closely with Canadian tech developers Summit Tech Group and Livescale in Montreal to empower brands to pivot and create new forward thinking strategies after the pandemic. She works with these brands to find new ways of reaching their consumers directly, building a solid community, and selling in ways that are widespread, focused and profitable. You will find Lisa behind the scenes of this quickly emerging virtual livestream shopping and events revolution, but also hosting the events themselves.

Community building, empowerment, collaboration and free thinking is at the center of everything Lisa is involved in, and it’s for this that she has also become an advocate for small businesses and entrepreneurialism in Canada. Her partners on this include Staples, Microsoft, Apple, The Government of Canada, etc.

In January 2021, Lisa became the first Canadian ambassador for IT Cosmetics Canada (owned by L’Oreal Paris). Her tenure as the face of IT will include bringing the brand to new and diverse audiences along with teaching not only about the technology, research and development behind this beauty brand, but she will also empower her audience to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, with and/or without makeup.

Lisa has worked with major brands like Best Buy, Indigo, Mastermind Inc., Rakuten, Samsung, LG, Canon, Buick, GM Motors to name a few. Her passion for diversity in tech, and kids in STEAM has led her to also partner with like-minded, nationally-accessible brands like Mattel,, The Steam Project, Creation Crate and several others. Throughout her journey, Lisa’s goal is to find and share how her audience can embrace technology in a way that will enrich and add value to our lives. Get ready! She’s just getting started!