Bryce Wylde

Health Expert

Bryce Wylde, the Co-founder and Chief of Innovations at The DNA Company, is renowned for his expertise in functional medicine, nutrition, and genomics. With a career that spans over two decades, he has established himself as a leading Functional Medicine clinician at VennMed in Toronto. Wylde’s approach uniquely integrates advanced biological and genomic screening with a diverse range of therapeutic practices. His focus areas include immunity, gut health, hormones, brain health, and longevity, emphasizing a personalized approach to healthcare based on individual genetic blueprints.

In addition to his clinical practice, for nearly 25 years Wylde has a significant media presence. He was host of his own TV show “Wylde On Health” on CTV, has many thousands of hours on air on a wide range of health topics including on the Dr Oz  show, and is the author of four national bestselling books, showcasing his deep commitment to natural health education. At The DNA Company, he combines his passion for holistic health with cutting-edge genetic insights to offer personalized nutrition strategies. Wylde’s dedication also extends to philanthropy; he has raised millions of dollars for various health initiatives and hospitals, earning him several awards from the health community. Balancing his professional pursuits with a strong family life, Bryce Wylde exemplifies a proactive approach to personal well-being.


Bryce Wylde B.Sc. Hons., DHMHS

Functional Medicine Clinician at | Founding Partner The DNA Co CityTV | Health

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